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Homemade catch can for harley davidson

I'm not sure where the EGR port on the HR is, but if there are two ports, two tubes could be run to a t fitting, and continued on to the catch can. Should work just fine that way and be a couple bucks more in parts.

This EBOC is nicely chromed and is small and made for motorcycles. Most EBOCs are made for cars and are much larger. It's a great product to keep crankcase vent gases & oil out of your carb. Still, be ready to get creative in mounting it. Harley-Davidson Air Intake & Fuel Systems. Harley-Davidson Air Cleaner & Components. Harley-Davidson Breather Kits & Components. Kuryakyn. Not yet rated. sale. SKU: K9931 Kuryakyn K9931 Bluegrass Breather Catch Tank Chrome Kit for K9932. In Stock. RRP $131.00 Save 15%. $111.35. RSS. Not yet rated. SKU: BAI-14-0165 RSS BAI-14-0165 Air Cleaner.

Fit the supplied hose clamps on first, and keep them loose. Then it’s just a case of running one to the inlet of the catch can and one to the outlet. In the case of my 2005 HiLux, I.

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How to make a cheap catch can for your car on a budget.

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